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Loose pre-made fan 500 fans

Loose pre-made fan 500 fans

Productcode: 21554345656



- C curl

- 0.07 thickness

- Fans are 100% handcrafted by our lash artists team, so they will be  the same as you premade your own fans.

- Handmade premade fans are wider open,  so they will bring you the better cover, more customize look


    500 8D C curl  lose premade fans . 

    Time is money - this is something lash artists know better than anyone else. Did you know that your clients are happy to pay more for a treatment if they can have it in less time? Our premade fans are there to reduce the time for both, the client and for the therapist. With more free time on your hands you can fit more clients in a day or, put your feet up and catch up on that episode you didn't finish the other day! The best part is this is all whilst earning more money with the time you saved! 

    P.S. Ever noticed that clients with oily skin come back for infills with closed fans? This is no longer the case with premade fans that hold the fluff until they grow out! 




    EU shipping : 3 to 5 days 

    Express shipping BE : Next working day 

    Rest of the world : 8 to 10 days 

20,00 € Normale prijs
19,00 €Verkoopprijs
excl. Btw
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